search engine optimization

We now offer a special web design service to all companies – Search Engine Optimization. Whether we are designing you a new website, redesigning your website, or you just need a web design update.

Website SEO is part of online marketing. It deals with improving the number and quality of online visitors to your website from search engine listings like Google and Yahoo. Search engine optimization is an area of expertise that a combination of art and science. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. It’s not something that you do today, get a top-ranking and forget about.

You want your website to communicate with the public. How can your website communicate if they can’t find your site? Having a fancy website does you no good if no one ever sees it?

The consultants at Marshall Web Design are search engine optimization experts. We can help your site achieve top rankings on major search engines. 90% of your web site’s traffic may come from search engines. Let us help increase that number by implementing our Modern website SEO techniques.

Website SEO used to be a simple process. All you had to do was few meta tag keywords to your website. Meta tag keywords are no longer useful. Today, search engines focus on your websites relevant content. They also reward websites that have good usability and more visible on the internet.

Google, Yahoo, and other search engines are constantly looking for new websites. Make sure that they see yours because there is no guarantee that they will. Make sure that your website is optimized so you will place higher on their search engines. No SEO company can guarantee that your website will place #1 on Google or Yahoo. With that in mind, we optimize your website for search engine placement. Your website will be analyzed for just the right keywords. This will enable us to optimize your website using keywords that are chosen specifically for you and your company.

Our basic Search Engine Optimization of your website will include these services at a great price:

  • Keyword Research for the site
  • Phrase Selection
  • Proper Title and Meta Tags, URLs, H1’s
  • Internal Anchor’s
  • Analysis of all Meta
  • Analysis of Content
  • Analysis of all Links
  • Competitive Analysis